About Us


Hello Friend! My name is Amanda Brown and I am the owner of Bluebonnet Events. I am naturally a positive upbeat, motivated individual who is always eager to please. I feed off the excitement of a wedding day and the energy of positive minded people I surround myself with. I enjoy helping to guide couples into good decisions, and making everything come together on the day-of to help my couples, their families and friends have the most fun enjoyable time ever!

Growing up military gave me a skill of adaptability and the ability to communicate with new people easily. Being in the military gave me leadership and organization skills.

I have been involved in over 250 weddings/events in 6.5 years. Each different and each wonderful! <3 I would love the opportunity to assist you with yours!

A few other nuggets about me:

My favorite college classes were Sociology and Psychology. I find it very interesting the way the mind works and the way we as humans behave. Aside from Art classes, my other electives were classes branching off my favorites.

I am a Meyers- Briggs ENFP-A and tend to magnet to Sentinels and other Diplomats with Explorers coming in next. I am usually too “free-spirited” for Analysts types but I do have special people in my life that fall into this group. I love having my friends and clients take the quiz, it’s always fun to review the results with them!

All of my friends know I have an addiction to Mt.Dew. Like coffee in the morning, it is my Go-Juice!

I love fur babies and don’t mind scale babies (snakes, lizards, etc.). I currently have a kitty companion who adopted me but have had dogs, birds and fish own me in the past.