Staffing Services


Food Handlers

$75 per Staff member 2 hours service.

4 Minimum Servers required for Buffet of 4 items.

5 Minimum Servers required for Seated Service of 200 guests or less.

Add 2 servers per 100 guests if there will not be a Tea/Water Beverage Station.

 Staff will clear tables of plates and trash for 1 hour after 1 hour of serving food.

Cleaning Service Team

Team members clear tables of plates and trash after a meal

Member does not serve food or cake,.

On site up to 4 hours at $75 per member, minimum of 2 staff members required for guest counts at or under 150.

Add one staff member for every 50 guests over 150

Cake Cutting Service

.25c per guest Buffet

.50c per guest Seated

Client provides plates, napkins and forks.

Rented China and Silverware for Cake Service -$1 per guest 

Requires Staff on site as food handlers with minimum of 2 staff.

The cutting service is provided at no charge for clients who hire for event/ wedding management.


A retainer of 25% down and a signed agreement is required to confirm your requested date for services.

The balance is paid in equal monthly installments.